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Marilyn Manson-Say What?

I've decided to start posting concert reviews on my blog, Here'e the first one!

When I told my husband I wanted to see Marilyn Manson perform in Las Vegas, he had the same look on his face I’m sure I had when I was on the House of Blues website contemplating the idea.

“Seriously?” he asked, his eyebrows lifted.

“Yeah, seriously. We’ve never seen him before. We love his music. Why not?”

I understood his hesitation. Manson is a controversial, provocative artist—remember the rumor about having two ribs removed so he could do you-know-what? His lyrics are explicit, somewhat satanic, and his disturbing sex-theme and horror-flick-inspired videos have been banned from MTV.

What would his audience be like? Not that me, an ex-80s, glam-rock junkie whose closet is still dominated by the color black would care—but still! It’s not like I’m in my twenties anymore. But Manson isn’t either. At forty-nine, the shock-rocker continues to attract fans with his eclectic synth-pop hard rock.

I bought tickets to the January 12, 2018, rescheduled concert from a secondary ticket re-seller. The original sold-out show on October 27, 2017, had been cancelled due to an injury Manson sustained earlier in the tour.

Though two giant pistols dominated the stage props, it was hardly the novelty act I somewhat expected based on the dramatic visual esthetics of his music videos. Stage lights, lasers, artificial smoke, and costume changes supplemented the pistols, but the most amazing and integral part of the concert was Manson himself.

His lyrics, though shocking, are thoughtful and brooding, and his performance was captivating and charismatic, considering the fact he was still recovering from a broken fibula requiring a plate, ten screws, and a cast. The culprit of his catastrophe, the pair of prop pistols, remained in the show, looming in a twist of smoke as Manson spent half his time on stage sitting in a motorized wheelchair modified to look like a Gothic, high-backed throne.

When he wasn’t using his electric aid, he stood, noticeably favoring his left leg and holding onto the mike stand, cane-like, but at times he walked a little clunkily in his cast, interacting with the audience and, at one point, asking his female fans to take off their shirts. He even got down on his knees while singing “The Beautiful People.”

Manson made the best of his situation, incorporating a hospital gurney and two men in scrubs to his performance, and one fan succumbed to his request, climbing on stage, revealing her naked breast and dancing alongside her idol. Security remained at bay, allowing the unplanned event, and the audience celebrated the impromptu outcome, cheering and singing along.

I was one of them, disappointed when the concert ended, hoping a second encore would follow, and telling myself I was at least ten years too late in attending one of his shows. This was an act more-than-worthy of my time and money, entertaining and memorable, leaving me to download his latest album, Heaven Upside Down, versus just the singles while patiently wait for his next tour.

Wow! Think I’ll dare to attend his next West Coast concert? Think I won’t? If you get a chance to see Marilyn Manson, take it! You will not be disappointed.

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